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Curriculum Guide: Outer Space

The month of November will be all about Space in our house.  The blog planning post will be out soon, but you can already view our monthly calendar here.  This may be one of the months that I am looking forward to the most!

For the last two weeks of the theme, we will be using our "All About Space" activity pack that you can purchase in the Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Want it for free?  Sign up for our mailing list before October and you'll be sent the activity pack for free!

September: All About Me and My Body

An awesome way to start off the school year is an “All About Me” theme. Plan some activities that you child can do and then do again at the end of the year. You’ll be able to compare and see an amazing growth!

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Below is the monthly lesson plan listing the activities we will be doing each day. You can find most of these on my Pinterest board.  And of course, follow along on Instagram to see the activities as we do them.  You can download the monthly lesson plan here.

Our Month with Dinosaurs - Recap!

We had so much fun learning about Dinosaurs this month!  We even hit up the T Rex restaurant in Disney Springs when we made a quick trip to Disney for the weekend.  Savanna impressed our waitress by rattling off a bunch of facts that she had learned over the past few weeks.  Nothing like a three year old surprising an adult on things they know!

Below is a recap of some of the activities we did this month.  All of the activities can be found on our Pinterest board as well and more information regarding materials needed can be found in our preview post.


All About Me and My Body theme is coming up in September as the official beginning of the school year.  Here is one of the activities we will be doing during the month. We will be cutting out the pieces and gluing them on black construction paper (so it looks similar to an x-ray).

You could also cut out the pieces, laminate them and place them in a sensory bin.  Your child can find them in the bin and put them together like a puzzle.

Our Disney Weekend

We are fortunate to only live a few hours from Orlando so it is easy to plan a quick weekend getaway. This time we headed up to Hollywood Studios to check out some of the new Star Wars rides and characters that now have a home there.  We also got to meet a few new characters we hadn't seen yet as well as a ton of new shows and rides.