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Counting to 100

We've been working on our counting skills in preparation of all the math activities I have planned for the new (2016-17) school year. I wanted to start counting to 100 with Savanna and created this printable to help us do so.

Counting Activities

Using this printable, we can count together from 1 to 100 by pointing to each number as we go. As an alternative, you can also have your child mark each number as they read using a do-a-dot marker or a small toy or bead.

Moving forward, you can use another piece of paper and cover the left side of the grid leaving only the 10's visible and count by 10 up to 100.

Dinosaur Fossil Dig

One of our activities next week if you are following along with our Dinosaur theme is a "Dino Dig"!  I created a puzzle that you can use to hid in sand.  Your child can dig for the "fossils" (aka puzzle pieces) and put the puzzle together!

You can find the puzzle printable here.

Have fun digging!

August: Fairy Tales

For the month of August, we will be focusing on Fairy Tales. Savanna is obsessed with Disney princesses and many other fairy tales we have read so I thought this would be another great mini-theme to do the month prior to our official school year.

DIY Sight Word Sensory Bottle

Looking for a fun new way to learn sight words? I put together a sight word sensory bottle to do just that!

Our Writing and Reading Curriculum

If you are going to be following along with us for this upcoming school year, I wanted to provide you ahead of time the resources we will be using for our writing and reading curriculum.